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The original idea behind this project was to build a Nixie Clock as a limited edition of 10 units. Designed by UK artist Kev Stenning, the Steampunk Nixie Clock will measure 213mm tall, by 167mm wide and 399mm long. It will be made from Pyrex toughened glass, solid copper and brass machined parts. The electronics will feature six IN-18 Nixie Tubes. While we were designing it, we thought it might be a nice idea to build a calculator to match!

As you might expect, the cost to build just one of these is in the tens of thousands of pounds/dollars so we decided to build a virtual version for you to own at the greatly reduced cost of £1.99! If you are interested in purchasing the real thing, please email us at:
Colour Changer
Camera Background
If you want to have a virtual look around, switch on the gyroscope function and it will stay in position relative to the world as you move around.

You can change colours of the numbers as easily as the swipe of a finger. You can have the traditional warm orange glow of an IN-18 tube or the hyperreal neon hue of something not of this world.

You can switch the background of the app to use the built in camera on the phone. If you are prone to bumping into things, falling down manhole covers etc. whilst using your device, this is probably the setting for you!
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